Swag for the Roll


The Stunts 4 Swag 5 street rollerblading competition was held on October 11th in Penang with 24 contestants from KL, Brunei and Penang, of course. The preliminary was held at Penang Youth Park skatepark and the finals took place at the Relau Recreational Park, this is the 5th consecutive Stunts 4 Swag competition to be held and it’s the first outside of KL City. Coming on first spot is Mohd Ilman a.k.a. Lui from KL. This event was organised by KJ Rollers and Wheel Love with sponsors from Rupert Rage skateshop, Cool Element skateshop, Rockpaperscissors boutique from Brunei and also Red Bull.


It’s awesome to see them spreading their wings up north to Penang. Keep it up boys. Where the girls at?