Survival Guide Untuk Kampong Radioaktif

Attention environmentalists! Sea waves are not the only movements crashin’ in Kuantan. A radioactive plant has rooted itself in Gebeng and nobody’s happy. The incident has caused an uproar among the residents and local filmmaker Tan Chui Mui who hails from Sungai Ular, a town near Gebeng is highlighting this issue. To get the news out for the benefit of residents in Kuantan and the rest of Malaysia, these investigations promises laughter to diffuse the severity of long term radioactive damage. Cause having 3 eyes is better than 2.

Tan Chui Mui has gathered the strength of 3 other filmmakers to document the rare earth plant issue. In collaboration with Liew Seng Tat, Woo Ming Jin and Yeo Joon Han, the foursome have complied a series of shorts as a project entitled ‘Survival Guide Untuk Kampong Radioaktif’ (you can watch it on youtube).

The short films will be released online via YouTube and Facebook. A public screening will be held at Sungai Ular in Kuantan, under a community project called

For more information, e-mail Foo Fei Ling at [email protected]