SUPERSUNDAY Debuts New Collection and Co-Creative Director at KLFW2023

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Held on August 27 at the InterContinental Hotel Grand Ballroom Kuala Lumpur, Malaysian streetwear brand, SUPERSUNDAY showcased a 27-look collection fittingly called The Runway at the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2023 (KLFW23). 

All photos were provided by SUPERSUNDAY.

During the showcase, SUPERSUNDAY also introduced its new Co-Creative Director, Raffiq Corbin, who was given full creative responsibility by Founder and Creative Director, Zulkifli Salleh aka Bob, to ideate and produce the collection.

Rafiq Corbin has been working with SUPERSUNDAY since March 2020, with The Runway as a collection being a true testament of his love for the culture, the street and its community honing on his background having lived in Kuala Lumpur all his life. 

“I feel that fashion that does not hit the street rarely has emotion. Clothes are meant to connect and communicate,” says Corbin on The Runway. 

“It feels wild and truly engaging for us everytime we see someone rocking their pieces from any of SUPERSUNDAY collections walking down the street doing their everyday business. It’s the pinnacle of when ideas meet intended audience, especially when it is done right.”

Taking three months to complete, The Runway made a splash on its debut. The collection is also collaborating with popular video game Mobile Legends and homegrown menswear label, Meg KL. 

“In terms of business strategy, I would like to announce that this collection is available to be purchased immediately after the show – literally taking The Runway to the streets,” says Corbin on The Runway’s launch.

“Adding to this, we are currently amping up our brand reach through various digital platforms so no one could say that they have never heard of SUPERSUNDAY because we are here to stay and represent.”

Check out SUPERSUNDAY and The Runway through their official website.

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