Supersonic @ Barsonic

It was Deepavali Eve, another night of public holiday mayhem where clubs all around were offering drink promotions, the best of DJs and such offerings to lure you to their establishments. This particular clubber headed to Zouk and Barsonic, and it was the star studded Supersonic event that took the cake. Wanna know why?

After checking out Zouk, one must say that it was particularly average. In this writer’s opinion, mixing up commercial pop hits and hip hop with dirty electro is done to death, and should be left for a weekday night out, or left out altogether. Heading to Barsonic was the only way up, literally. With Mr Nasty, GuruGuru, Hypeembeats, JeeHoe and the reunion of Lapsap was only too tempting for a bit of a dance. Seeing all the hottest DJs in KL lined up behind the smoky Barsonic decks was surprisingly more exciting than we thought it would be.

The DJs all rotated between themselves, throwing down some eclectic electro and dirty clash beats and they all took turns at the decks after a few songs. This tag team approach was much more dynamic than one DJ set at a time, and even though Barsonic was less packed than the main room below us, people were definitely more up for it than their lower counterparts. The DJs managed to keep the flow of track after track and maintained to one hard hitting genre at a time. The DJs were mega into it, the crowd was feeling it and the dancefloor was killer. ‘Twas indeed a fun night at this Supersonic event, and hopefully we’ll be seeing some more of this kind of dancefloor action from KL’s crew of bad @ss DJs.

Supersonic feat. Mr Nasty, GuruGuru, Blastique, Hypeembeats, JeeHoe, Blink and XU took place at Barsonic on the 4th of November, 2010.