Supamarket: Niche Mass Produce

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Just from looking at their branding and products, you could tell Supamarket is big on irony and satire. Even the name itself could be a commentary on mass produced brands, but that might be a subconscious thing. Founder Jack chose the name because of how readily recognisable supermarkets are to different demographic spectrums. Much like the influx of other local street brands, Supamarket seeks to be immediately relatable through cultural reference.

Images Supamarket

Citing black humour, typography, and parody as the brand’s design philosophy, it’s fitting that names like Fuct, Alphanumeric, Staple, Droors, Wonderwall, Peter Saville, Enjoi, Charles S. Anderson, Designers Republic, SANAA, Groovisions, and SDL are their main influences. There’s a subversive nature to their products, which is largely made of round neck t-shirts and caps, imageries such as a particularly ominous Barney (with the words ‘kids are delicious’ sprawled over him) and chopped alligators are emblazoned on the tees.

While there might be some sort of message muddled somewhere in the odd graphics, Supamarket is really designed to catch your attention. It’s the kind of brand that would make a passer-by notice you even if it were for a nanosecond.

Founder Jack is a one man army handling the whole brand – from rough sketches to sourcing for materials and choosing printing methods. There’s almost an auteur quality to the brand, Jack after all, would only design something that at least he would wear himself.

As to be expected with auteurship, the products are made to be of optimum quality. Perfect Asian fit and sturdy enough for multiple machine wash, it ain’t like any shirt you could just get from a supermarket.

Supamarket’s products range from RM39 to RM89. They can be found at Perverse, Lot S033, 2nd Floor, Sg. Wang Plaza, KL. And Yaksha, Plaza Mahkota, Melaka. Alternatively find them on Facebook by searching for Supamarket.

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