Sunway Gets Opera

So is Luciano Pavarotti coming to Sunway? Nah. It’s a new club called The Opera. To be opened at Sunway Pyramid soon, according to our sources, Opera is said to be Malaysia’s premiere club to introduce au courant art house performances. ‘Au courant‘ means up-to-date for you noobs.

The Opera is designed after Milan’s La Scala Opera House. It will be seperated into 3 rooms across a 12,000 square feet space.

The entertainment plans are ambitious to say the least. There will be daily cirque nouveau (yes, noobs, that’s “new circus” to you) performances by troupes from China and Russia, video DJing, live bands, international DJs, martial arts, magicians and of course opera singers too. But no burlesque? Hmm…. 

Given the history of similarly ambitious clubs you have to wonder. Fortunately you won’t have to wonder too long. More details right here soon, so stay tuned then go find out for yourself.