It’s Getting Bigger; SaturdaySelects’ Fourth Sunday Phix is Presented by HUF MY

Phix‘s monthly collaboration with SaturdaySelects — the Sunday Phix — returns this Sunday with HUF Malaysia. This weekend’s edition will see retail vendors such as Third Culture, ButtsAndLovesPantun PinsMalaya, and HUF Malaysia itself that will have a selection of apparels for sale and video games for attendees to be entertained with.

On the music front, Kiki Mizuhara, Roshan, Afaro, Rooks, Re.Dfne, and AKAY will be responsible for the overall vibe of the event and they rarely disappoint. So, go over for drinks, lapel pins, erotic art, and good music.

For an idea of what to expect from the guest DJs on Sunday, listen to one of Roshan’s mixes below:

… and Afaro’s:

… and Kiki Mizuhara’s:

More information on the event here