Submerge Yourself in Post-Rock With These 3 Bands at Salam Pecah Laut Tour

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If you like listening to post-rock at home, then you should hit up this gig for the full experience. Yes, only true post-rock enthusiasts would take the time and money to travel to one of the indie live venues where Salam Pecah Laut tour is happening, to get wet in the sounds, vibrations, and energies of the three bands on the bill–Dé Fusion, GLASS, and South China Sea.

The bands are not just hitting up Kuala Lumpur, they’re packing their bags and heavy gears and heading to seven other cities in Malaysia and one city in Singapore for the tour.

Dubbed “the trinity of today’s Malaysian post-rock”, the bands are the latest names in the scene to carry on the genre of instrumentally-led rock (or symphonic-music played by rock instruments) influenced by ’80s shoegazers and ambience-driven acts internationally, that later found its way to Malaysian shores with bands like Damn Dirty Apes.

(source: SCS FB)

Despite the abstract nature of post-rock, the headlining bands will be joined by new and old local acts of different genres.

To get familiar, here’s what you need to know about the headliners:


Precise lines, a punk spirit, and a theatrical flair; GLASS is a 4-piece outfit that offers their local take on post-rock. They break boundaries by using theatre devises to invoke a more direct emotional response in contrast to their ambient soundscapes and melodic hooks.

On this tour, GLASS will be promoting their new self-titled début album where they lament on issues of newfound adulthood.

Socials: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Website

2. Dé Fusion

Dé Fusion consists of members that grew up playing music together in the same neighbourhood. With heavy riffs that create a dark ambience, Dé Fusion makes noise and makes all the space between it count. They will be previewing as well as selling their EP, KONTRAMATA, that won’t be officially released until after this tour.

Socials: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram.

3. South China Sea

South China Sea is a band split geographically by that very sea. Half the band hail from Kuching and the other half are based in KL. Proving that post-rock is not meant to be solely enjoyed sitting down, they come together after a hiatus to stir up mosh pits and dance parties with their edgy, modern psychedelic music.

They have remastered their 3-track demo, Antecedents, that will be available throughout Salam Pecah Laut.

Socials: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.


To complete the abstract experience live, projection artist, Faris Zahari will be providing visuals throughout the entire gig. As for the tour merch by Jien Li, it will be available for pre-order via social media soon, and will be on sale at every show too.

Get your kicks on ’cause it’s time to get drifted away with Salam Pecah Laut!

Ticket price will be revealed on a closer date.

Follow any of the band’s socials given above for more updates.

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