Study The Evolution of Singapore’s Graphic Design With Justin Zhuang

Date Tue, 27th Jun '17 - Tue, 27th Jun '17
Time 4pm - 6pm
Venue Malaysia Design Archive

Images Justin Zhuang

Even before Singapore’s independence in 1965, there is a rich history of graphic design that most people are unaware of until Justin Zhuang – writer and researcher – collaborated with H55’s Creative Director Hanson Ho to produce Independence: The History of Graphic Design In Singapore Since The 1960s. Zhuang’s interest in design, cities, culture, history and media makes him a prominent figure in the arts particularly Singapore, where he also runs a digital platform called Singapore Graphic Archive that gathers the country’s graphic design to aid research and discussions on design and culture in Southeast Asia.

Feed your curiosity about the former Malaysian state and its early involvement in the art scene with a two-hour talk by Zhuang himself. Get a souvenir by purchasing a copy of INDEPENDENCE at RM125 each. Copies are limited, so get your hands on em’ quick.

In the meantime, visit Justin Zhuang on his official website here or feed your eyes on the writer’s aesthetically-pleasing Instagram feed for inspiration.