Student Wins Lifetime Supply of Donuts

If you think your cravings for donuts is wild, think again. A huge bunch of students from SMK Seri Suria packed their sleeping bags, and pillows for one reason and one reason only – Krispy Kreme Donuts! They camped just outside the KK entrance in Berjaya Times Square 2 days in advance.. at 6am! All aiming to be in the running for the Golden Ticket – which will entitle the holder to a year’s free supply of KK donuts.

The event started off with the chirpy Rina who perked up everyone’s morning with some banter and mini contests. The enthusiastic students were bursting with spirit singing and playing the games on stage. Perfect to keep the crowd hyped up just before KK opens their heavenly gates! Even the big guy with the pillow immediately sprung up immediately and played along as well.

After all the official stuff of ribbon cutting and speeches from the KK American Representatives, the doors swung open, confetti burst and donut-lovers of all sorts came streaming in. The opening was also to celebrate the international World Donut Day!

Student Joey Tham, 17, bagged the Golden Ticket and grinned widely showing off the 1st box of a dozen donuts for all to see. She’ll probably have enough supply for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, her birthday, all her friends’ birthdays, all year round till Christmas. Jealous much? Make friends with her. Heh heh.

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