Fahmi Reza to Host a Talk on the Golden Age of Malaysia’s Student Movement at Ilham Gallery

Fahmi Reza is synonymous with questioning authority and the figures behind it using his art. He first gained plenty of attention after his piece on a certain Prime Minister who was masked to look like a clown with the text that read ‘Kami Semua Penghasut‘ on the side. Since then, the contemporary artist has become more sought after with regards to addressing subjects that are in line with his work.

Next month, Fahmi will be hosting a lecture at Ilham Gallery to present his ongoing research on the Malaysian student movement in the ’60s, which is often referred to as the ‘golden age’ of Malaysia’s student movement. During this session, Fahmi will share his knowledge as well as archived materials to help better the audience’s understanding on this matter. Admission is free for all, however, it is important to note that Fahmi will be presenting this in Bahasa Malaysia.

More information on the event here. Fahmi Reza also made it into our Pop Culture list last year.