Streething’s Revamped Site

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South East Asia’s go-to site for updates and news on our urban culture, Streething, has gone for a facelift which has resulted in a shiny new outlook and interface! Gone are the days of DIY wordpress templates (we hate it too!), Streething now has a much fresher, cleaner take on the interwebs with a slick new design from Jakarta based Studio 1212. What’s new about the revamped site? Read on…

The main page now has daily updates loaded via an infinity scroll, so all you have to do is scroll down and posts are automatically loaded, continuously so you don’t have to scroll up for new updates. There’s a ‘Spotlights’ area now, to showcase Streething’s more elaborate articles. The window on the right hand side of the page is for the gallery section, showing random pictures from events, that is you click on will take you to the event gallery.

The top navigation bar follows you now matter how far down you scroll, thus eliminating the need to scroll all the way back up! On the navigation bar, there’s still ‘Backstage’, excerpts and pictures from Streething’s daily lives, and ‘Forum’, which kickstarted Streething 5 years ago. From their beginnings as an avenue for a small group of sneakerheads to geek out in, Streething has gone from strength to strength, now spreading out to cater to the biggest group of urban culture fanatics in the region.

To check out their newly revamped site, head to

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