Street Food, Movie Screenings, Workshops and More: Here’s All You Can Do at this CNY Event

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source: Culture Trip

Continue celebrating CNY 2019 at Gamuda Land’s upcoming ‘A Journey To Prosperity’ event that promises all kinds of festive fun!

source: Gamuda Land

twentyfive.7 Property Gallery will be all decked out in themed Chinese New Year décors to get you into the spirit of the festivity. You’ll be awed from the moment you arrive as the iconic 40-ft-long Giant Ship of Prosperity, docked at the lake, will be the first impressive attraction to meet your eyes!

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The compound will be as festive as it gets with Chinese temple-inspired arches and a sky filled with Chinese lanterns. Even at twentyfive.7 Property Gallery itself, you’ll be amazed by the gorgeous vintage of Chinese New Year décors. Don’t forget to take lots of photos!

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Here are all the event details:

Dates: 23 & 24 February 2019
Time: 4pm – 10pm
Venue: twentyfive.7 Property Gallery, Lot 43495, Persiaran Oleander, 42500 Telok Panglima Garang, Selangor

Get excited to spend your weekend doing all these fun-filled things:

1. Eat as much delicious street food as your stomach can handle

Ipoh is well-known for its many popular street food stalls, each famous for their own special delicacy. Try them all in one place, right here in KL!

Some of the famous stalls that’ll be at ‘A Journey To Prosperity’ include Aun Kheng Lim Salted Chicken, Big Tree Foot Yong Tau Foo, First Garden Roast Pork, Sin Yeong Wai Roast Duck, and Sin Eng Heong Kaya Puff.

That’s not all! Chinese delights such as Taiwanese Egg Waffles and Sausages, Taiwanese Guang Dung Zhu, Red Wine Mee Shua, Xiao Long Bao, Dim Sum, Dumplings, Curry Fish Balls, BBQ Skewers, Grilled Lambs, Minced Meat Rice, Mochi, and Kung Fu Ramen will also be found at the event.

2. Take part in all kinds of exciting CNY activities and meaningful workshops

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Fun Train Ride
Hop on board a 6-8 seater train that’s been painted into gorgeous CNY colours, and go for a ride around the Giant Ship of Prosperity at the beautiful lake of twentyfive.7.

source: Gamuda Land

Acrobatic Lion Dance
Chinese New Year isn’t complete without watching a lion dance performance! With the award-winning Lion Dance troupe performing, they will be bringing the event to new heights with their impressive display of acrobatics!

Photo used for illustration purposes only. source: Gamuda Land

Cherry Blossom Fan Workshop
Keep your little ones entertained with this fun workshop where you’ll learn how to create a cherry blossom design on a fan in just a few simple steps. You’ll even get to add a personal touch to their creations such as writing your name on it.

Photo used for illustration purposes only. source: Cell Code

Ang Pow Flower Making & String Knots Workshop
Learn how to creatively recycle all the ang pows you’ve received into an ang pow flower lantern that’ll make for a great addition to your CNY decor at home. Plus, usher in prosperity by making string knots to have by your side as a good luck charm.

Photo used for illustration purposes only. source: Pinterest

Dumpling Making Workshop
Like in the movies, the making of dumplings is a meaningful Chinese tradition for families. Keep the tradition alive by learning how to make both the dough and filling, as well as how to properly wrap and steam dumplings, before enjoying in together on the spot!

Photo used for illustration purposes only. source: Pinterest

Fortune Teller Alley
Find out your fortune in the Fortune Teller Alley with various techniques of fortune telling like palm reading and tarot card reading. Get advice from the masters to enhance your fortune for the upcoming year!

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The Goldfish Challenge
Both kids and adults alike will enjoy this fun activity where you’ll have to try your best to scoop up goldfish with a paper scoop – this auspicious activity for the Chinese community represents having a year of abundance. The best part? You get to keep the gold fishes you scooped!

Photo used for illustration purposes only. source: Gamuda Land

God of Prosperity Walkabout
Catch Choy San Yeh as he makes his rounds to spread prosperity, luck, and festive cheer!

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LED Dragon Dance
Join in and walk alongside with the LED dragon dance with your friends and family as it leads a parade around the crowds several times a night. You will be amazed at how beautiful the glowing dragon can be.

3. Enjoy the night with a series of thrilling and entertaining performances on stage

Photo used for illustration purposes only. source: Contraband Events

Juggler & Mask Changing Performance
Be mesmerised by this juggling and mask changing act that will keep you on your toes.

Photo used for illustration purposes only. source: What’s he wearing?

Special Band Performances
Be entertained by impersonators of popular Chinese celebs Eason Chan, Jacky Cheung, JJ Lin, and Sammi Cheng. They’re just as good as the real thing!

Photo used for illustration purposes only. source: Efreet Yo Yo Company (YouTube)

Fire Yo-Yo
This exciting mix of an LED motion and fire yo-yo results in a thrilling performance that’ sure to push your adrenaline to the max!

If you missed out on watching fireworks this Chinese New Year, be sure not to miss this one – the Saturday-only spectacular fireworks display will end the night with an unforgettable bang!

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4. Watch a movie under the moonlight

source: Gamuda Land

One of the best things about CNY is getting together with your family and doing fun things together. Grab your loved ones and settle in on the comfy inflatable sofas under the moonlight to watch awesome movies – ‘Ah Boys to Men 4’ on Saturday and ‘A House of Happiness’ on Sunday.

5. Snap & Win amazing prizes with the Giant Ship of Prosperity

source: Retail News Asia

Take a picture with the Giant Ship of Prosperity and post on your Facebook or Instagram with the hashtags ‘#gamudaland’, ‘#twentyfive7’, and ‘#ajourneytoprosperity2019’ for a chance to win amazing prizes, which will be given out at the end of each day. Winners will be chosen based on either the highest number of ‘likes’ or photos deemed to have a picturesque quality.

Here’s what you could win:

  • First prize: RM300 voucher
  • Second prize: RM200 voucher
  • Third prize: RM100 voucher
  • Consolation prize: RM50 voucher

As with most other Gamuda Land events and festivals, ‘A Journey To Prosperity’ is taking place at twentyfive.7, an award-winning integrated township in Kota Kemuning

source: Gamuda Land

twentyfive.7, a 257-acre integrated township designed with a sustainable environment that balances community, recreational, and landscape together with an extensive selection of modern amenities, like the Quayside Mall, soon to be the largest lakefront mall in Kota Kemuning where you’ll find some of the most exciting retail and F&B outlets.

source: Gamuda Land

Take this opportunity to also check out Luxura. Its designer villas are the latest innovative styled homes in twentyfive.7 that aims to enliven your lifestyle. As it is the last landed parcel in the township, each home comes with its own story, translated from its modern multi-façades and spacious interior arrangements to the integration of landscapes and recreation.

So make sure you spend 23 & 24 February 2019 having fun with your family at ‘A Journey To Prosperity

source: Gamuda Land

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This article was originally published on SAYS.

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