Steve Aoki feat. Lovefoxxx: ‘Heartbreaker’

Steve Aoki is many things, but he’s known best of all for being a legendary DJ and producer. Fresh off his album Wonderland released in January this year, is the track ‘Heartbreaker’. The song features Brazilian sweetheart, Lovefoxxx, lead singer of the indie-electro band Cansei de Ser Sexy. It’s a zany, lovably infectious track that worms its way into the recesses of your brain, and will most probably take, uhm, forever to get rid of. Just let yourself succumb to the poppy goodness of it all! The video for ‘Heartbreaker’ is equally cute, filmed in the skating rink of Moonlight Rollerway in Glendale, California. It showcases the very sweet but devilish Lovefoxxx busting some moves and breaking a whole lotta hearts in the rink. Things take an unexpected turn at the end, when the Heartbreaker becomes the Heartbroken. Karmic retribution, we think!

Watch the video for ‘Heartbreaker’ below. Click here to check out more about Steve Aoki, and here for more of the lovely Lovefoxxx.