State Of Rapture

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If you like stuff that’s edgy and creative, Heineken Green Room gives it to you. Besides throwing some of the best parties in Malaysia and hosting some of the hottest international acts, to celebrate its upcoming gig with The Rapture this July 31, the event series is showcasing a string of underground art projects throughout the month.

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Led by leading design company Bombshelter Studios, the State Of Rapture project takes The Rapture’s DIY ethic and translates it into guerrilla art installations. Multi-instrumentalist for The Rapture, Gabriel Andruzzi, explains, “We grew up in a period when there was a big DIY scene, the post-punk scene, the post-hardcore scene. People made fanzines, people made mixtapes and they sold whatever at your merchandise table. When cultural mediums are used in that mode of being creative and putting something out there that’s honest, then that’s something we appreciate.”


Elements for this art project also relate back to Heineken Green Room and are inspired by miniature art projects, which integrate the sets with everyday activities at places you are most familiar with. The reason for this art project for this leg of the event series is to remind us to take it easy and appreciate our surroundings, cos it’s the little things that matter.



A set of 10cm-high collectible figures are being placed at secret locations around the capital, so keep your eyes peeled for the State Of Rapture in outlets and outdoor locations nearby. There are also prizes; those who can identify where the art installations are located win a pair of tickets to Heineken Green Room on 31 July featuring The Rapture, DIM, Thecobrasnake, LitterAll and Tenderfist featuring AraByrd as well as a Heineken beer bucket.

Log on to for clues. Presale tickets for the event are on sale now at RM48 for existing and new Heineken Members, RM58 for non-members. For details on how to purchase tix or to become a Heineken Member, visit Don’t forget to follow Heineken on too!

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