Standout With Tiger + Nuffnang @ HQnine

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Bloggers certainly have a knack of dressing up silly regardless of event. From a recent pyjama party to the most recent Standout party, bloggers have never seemed more creative or crazier! JUICE followed suit in dressing up to the nines in hopes of grabbing the limelight at Standout as well.

As if a flash mob was going down, passersby at TTDI Plaza literally stopped in their tracks as bloggers in outrageous costumes drew stares of amazement. You name it, they saw it … Cleopatra, Spartans, a dark angel, a surgeon, a bellydancer, a cow, an 18th century captain, Edward Scissorhands, Tinkerbell, even Susan Boyle turned up!

The party kicked off with emcees Jojo Struys and Liang giving a shout out to all the bloggers in the house. Games ensued with bloggers making biddings on goods with Nuffnang dollars that were stuffed in the goodie bags that were handed out upon arrival.

When it comes to blogger insanity, the sky is the limit. Tonight it was taken to a whole other level when a tug-of-war battle was fought, heads stuffed into neon pink pantyhose. Something tells us that even if no prizes were at stake these guys would have jumped right into it anyway!

But nothing brought the house and jaws down as much as blogger Kenny Sia, who hit the stage as Susan Boyle, and proceeded to flash the hairy bush underneath his dress (eww!) by spontaneously yanking out his wig and waving it between his legs up! It had everyone in stitches, or should we say ROTFL! Good one Kenny!

Lights flashed from every corner of the bar; bloggers can never take too many pictures. And who would would want to miss a chance of snapping Susan Boyle’s crotch or a scandalous policewoman Cecilia Chung eh? There were agazillion outstanding outfits everywhere; the judges really had their work of picking the best costume cut out for them. In the end bagging an Xbox and a Coach handbag were Standout King Joseph Lee (Edward Scissorhands) and Standout Queen Lee See Pin (Gung-ho Queen). Talk about going the extra mile!

Having partygoers stand out in their best at the costume party went hand-in-hand with Tiger’s own launch of their standout limited edition bottle skins. The free flow of beer added to the merriment.

For more outstanding piccies, head on to the gallery here.

Image Jessica Tan