St. Vincent: ‘Cheerleader’


Annie Erin Clark – better known as St. Vincent, released her third studio album, Strange Mercy on the 13 Sept 2011. If you enjoy listening to indie,  Baroque rock or jazz and not to mention pretty personal lyrics then this album is definitely worth listening to. Strange Mercy was written while St. Vincent was in Seattle under an “isolation” period. She was overwhelmed by the amount of information going about in New York and also being surrounded by too much technology. This was an “experiment of loneliness and a cleanse” she stated. We personally would just drink bird’s nest.

She recently released a new music video which was directed by Hiro Murai. The video shows Annie as a giantess that’s been pinned down to the center of a gallery. That bit has the essence of Gwen Stefani’s ‘What You Waiting For’ but the ending is quite surreal and no, we aren’t going to give out spoilers because it’s too good. You’ll have to watch it yourself!

Listen to more of her cool tunes here, and watch the video  for ‘Cheerleader’ below!