St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival Singapore ’16 Lineup Announcement

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Yes, you all should have heard the news by now — Laneway Festival Singapore is back next year and we have all the details about the acts slated to perform. As we’ve come to expect of the fest, the performers will be coming from a wide spectrum of genres; there’s instrumental rock band Battles, the grunge-y alt rock band DIIV, revered dream pop band Beach House, Australian gem Big Scary, synth pop trio CHVRCHES (a Laneway alumnus, and we’re already well-familiar with them around these parts of the world), and the sombre pop of East India Youth. Furthermore, there’s Canadian punk rockers METZ, the rambunctious Violent Soho, while The Internet and Thundercat will be supplying the soul, funk, and r’n’b grooves to the festival. Laneway is happy to welcome back Grimes after two years, as well as the acid house-informed pop of Shamir, the spell-binding witch house-y pop of Purity Ring, ambient, chilled electronica by way of Flume, and conversely there’s the maximalism of Hudson Mohawke, along with Australian electronic duo Hermitude. Also in latest news, The 1975 will be replacing Tobias Jesso Jr, rounding out the international lineup.

On the regional front, you can anticipate Singaporean talents in rock’n’roll band Cashew Chemists, electronica and trip hop group Riot !n Magenta, and DJ-producer Intriguant, who’s part of the Syndicate label. Also not forgetting, Hong Kong’s GDJYB and the Philippines’ very own indie rock group Cheats. Every year, Laneway has upped the ante with their chosen acts, and it seems they’ve done the same on the regional front here.

St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival ’16
Date Saturday 30 January ’16
Time 10am
Venue The Meadow, Gardens by the Bay

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