SS2 Durian House Stall is Your New Favourite Lepak Spot

Nothing speaks more to the Malaysian food experience than a piece of creamy, delicious durian. Love it or loathe it, the fruit has grown to become part of our national identity, and there’s no better place to experience the best that the thorny delicacy has to offer than at the recently-opened SS2 Durian House Stall.

Stall owner Mr. Chew possesses over 20 years of experience selling durian, with his business even exporting the fruit overseas to countries like Hong Kong and China.

Besides the usual offerings of durian on its own, the stall also boasts a menu with a wide variety of yummy desserts including durian cendol (RM18), coconut water, rojak, and fruit shakes with a selection of durian, coconut, and mango flavours available.

Perfect for beating the midday heat, the icy shakes are great for a quick takeaway treat and the durian cendol is a sweet accompaniment for a relaxed weekend afternoon.

Salivating already? SS2 Durian House Food Stall is running a promotion from 15 August ’17 until 25 August ’17 for their refreshing fruit shakes. Purchase one durian shake (RM12) and receive a mango shake (originally priced at RM6) completely free of charge. Available only at the SS2 branch of the stall, the new shake flavours are a delicious new addition to SS2 Durian House’s wide-ranging menu of desserts.

For all the durian aficionados out there, there’s also a special promotion going on from 15 August ’17 until 25 August ’17 for the Musang King variety of durian. Grade A will be priced at RM68 per kg while Grade B will go for RM38 per kg; once the promotion period ends, prices will be subject to seasonal availability of the fruit.

If you’re looking to go all out, SS2 Durian House Stall is also offering the option of an all-you-can-eat Durian Buffet. The buffet is priced at RM30, RM50, and RM98, with each price range offering different types of durian as below:

To book your next lepak session with family and friends, contact SS2 Durian House Stall below:

Mr. Chew: 012-6339996
Smile: 012-2438222
Jun: 016-3909937
Laofuzi: 019-7587342

You can also contact SS2 Durian House through their WeChat:

For more info, visit their Facebook page here.

SS2 Durian House Stall also has another branch at Taman Gembira called 318 Durian Stall. It does not serve drinks but the Musang King promo is still available at this site.

Mr. Gan: 013-3143039
Micheal: 011-37703005

Check out their Facebook page here.