Sprout Timepieces

You recycle, you’ve got your solar powered home, you own a Prius and your clothes are made out of hemp, but somehow, you feel it ain’t enough. Well, if that is your predicament my dear friend, let us introduce you to these eco-friendly timepieces from Sprout.

Sprout is the first eco-friendly watch that is made out of natural materials and is designed to cause the least possible impact on Earth and the environment:-

– 100% corn resin case and buckles instead of plastic means that it is biodegradable and there isn’t any need to use oil in production.

– The dials are made out of genuine bamboo or mother-of-pearl – both which are renewable and take a shorter time to restore, require less energy to harvest and produce.

– The straps and bracelets are made out of corn resin or all-natural organic cotton, meaning that there is no use of harmful chemicals and pesticides involved. The cotton colours are dyed with vegetable dye.

– All Sprout watches use only mercury-free batteries.

Even if you are only just starting to be eco-aware, slap one on your wrists and Mother Earth will be grinning from ear to ear.

Sprout timepieces go from RM165 to RM408. Sprout timepieces are available at Tangs departmental stores. For more info log on to www.sproutwatches.com