Spoiler Alert! Netizens React To Harry Styles’ Character Reveal in the Newest MCU Movie ‘Eternals’

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Marvel fans and Directioners! Welcome in your new favourite Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) character – Harry Styles. This exciting new cast member was announced earlier this week, so you might consider it old news. But wait, there’s more…

For those who don’t keep up with the MCU, Eternals is the next Marvel film set to come out next month. Check out the trailer:

In the recent premiere viewing of the film on Monday, everyone in the theatre was surprised at the ex-boy band member’s appearance.

While some of you may have already heard about this, take this as your last spoiler alert unless you’d like to find out which character Harry plays, and when he appears.

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Harry Styles supposedly plays a close relative to Thanos, the big bad purple extraterrestrial supervillain that made all of us question his motives.

He did kinda have a point with his agenda, but that’s a controversial article for another day.. the people are here for Harry!

Source: Newsweek

In true Marvel fashion, it is reported that Harry, will appear in the end credits scene as none other than Eros, Thanos‘ brother.

The speculation behind this spicy piece of news officially broke out when actor Matt Donnelly tweeted about it after premiering the film on Tuesday (19 October).

The tweet gained a ton of traction, and furious netizens quoted it with raging reactions:

Whether or not you share the opinions of these angry tweets, here’s some background on who Eros is in the Marvel universe:

The character of Eros, also known as Starfox, was created by Jim Starlin and Friedrich in 1973. While his main power is emotional manipulation, Eros is also incredibly strong like his brother Thanos.

Eros has a carefree personality and is also a member of the Eternals who are a race of humanoids tasked with defending humanity.

Source: Marvel Comics

In terms of the huge spoiler itself, no further details about Styles’ role with Marvel are available.

This might be a big yikes moment for some of us who’ve read this far, but personally I’m still looking forward to the movie!

Catch Eternals in theatres soon, releasing on 4th November.