Spock Me! The Curious Case of a Dozen Hotties on Starfleet


It sounds illogical, captain, but the release of the new Star Trek flick has seen a sudden influx of female Trekkies. JUICE investigated and our Grissom-like instinct tells us it might be because of a certain alien called Spock!

Spock is hot, but remove the reverse widow’s peak, swoosh for eyebrows, pointy ears and tight leotard (wouldn’t you like to), you get Zachary Quinto. If he looks familiar, that’s because he is also the brain-eating, power sucking villain in Heroes. And if you don’t watch the series and he still looks familiar, then you must have been doing what all the other ladies who’ve just seen Star Track: The Future Begins done and dreamt about him. Naughty!

And even if you’re not fussed about hot space invaders (ahem!) and valiant spaceship captain like James T. Kirk (another hottie to boast, Chris Pine) you’ll still enjoy the movie that had been quipped as possibly one of the best action, sci-fi film this year.

Directed by JJ Abrams (Mission Impossible 3, Lost and Alias), the original Spock of the TV series fame was played by Leonard Nimoy. It’s no easy feat to play a character that has already been portrayed successfully once before, but as great as Heath Ledger was as the Joker even after Jack Nicholson’s superb performance, we reckon Quinto did a pretty impressive job – Leonard Nimoy would be proud.

We are no Trekkies but we’re sure as hell won’t mind being probe by an alien like Spock! Hell we’ll even go for that other alien – the Klingon dude played by Eric Bana!

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