Spirit Catcher

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Belgium is known for its chocolates, beers and Soulwax. Now add to that list the duo of Jean Vanesse and Thomas Sohet. As Spirit Catcher, the electronic musicians put together mean beats that are more house than electro. They manage to breathe some weirdness (just read their MySpace bio) into their music by injecting elements of funk, tribal and vintage synths.

A tribute to Michael Jackson called ‘Thriller Forever’ shows their crazy side when the classic song gets wired up with skittering techno bleeps. But Spirit Catcher also have a gentle side, which will no doubt entice fans of smooth dance, slicing up a nice niche for these Belgians in between too-fast-and-noisy and too-straightforward-and-lazy. Catch ’em while you can!

Listen to ‘Sedona’ (Independent) at www.myspace.com/spiritcatcher1.

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