Spin Master DJ Competition Takes Off

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Preliminaries for the Astro Spin Master competition were held last week. But instead of crashing beats and subsequent hopes and dreams, Malaysia turned out some fine talent. If you’re an avid JUICE reader or general party goer, you’ll most likely recognise more than a few names competing to for the title.

The call for auditions is over and 45 hopefuls stood in front of the judges and cameras to perform 10 min mixes and answer questions. The judges; Goldfish, Blink, DJ Jamie Kaye from The Cut and host Joey G, were thoroughly impressed with the amount of talent displayed. We checked out the competitors and we’ve got our eye on a couple, but we’ll keep that to ourselves for now and let you decide.

Head over the Spinmaster website and you can watch 10 min videos of each contestant in action and vote for your favourite. All you have to do is ‘like’ or retweet your fav entries and its a vote! The top 20 will move on to the elimination round on 18 November.

Voting for this round closes on 15 November. Vote here and have your say in what’s going to be the next big thing in KL’s clubbing scene.

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