Spike Jonze: To Die By Your Side

Ahh, love. Doesn’t it just give you a boner? It’s the same as having the warm fuzzies right? What happens when the subject gets the Spike Jonze treatment? As some of you might know, we all love some cray cray every now and then.

Mourir Auprès de Toi (To Die By Your Side) from Veronica Christina on Vimeo.

Known for directing music videos for Weezer, Bjork, and Jay-Z & Kanye West and movies like Adaptation and Where The Wild Things Are, Spike now offers us a stop-motion short called Mourir Auprés De Toi, translated as To Die By Your Side, that tells a love story of 2 horny classic characters that come to live off book covers after a bookshop closes for the day.

It’s also set in an actual charming bookshop that’s located right by Notre Dame, at the south side of the river Seine in Paris. The books aren’t actually books either. Made of felt, those pretty books featured in the short are actually book clutches by Olympia Le-Tan that we featured back in July 2010 (check it out at juiceonline.com/fashion/bookworms-ftw). Short and sweet Mourir Auprés De Toi is bound to warm the fuzzies out of your cynical heart.
Image portfo.li