Spezify Yourself

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Oh the things they create so you can look yourself up online. Besides using Google, now you can hit up Spezify to discover the myriad visual ways your search item is presented mixing up results from blogs, videos, microblogs and images that links together in a page of text boxes.  JUICE talks so much about doughnuts that when we type ‘juicemy,’ doughnuts appear as ‘Related Words’. (giggles)

So what’s this Spezify, really? It’s basically a search tools with results from different websites. It’s a more fun way to search for an item and it’s pretty inspiring. There are also related images that pop onto the screen, so instead of boring blue text links, you get these pretty layout links.

Started in Stockholm, Sweden by Felix af Ekenstam and Per Persson who have been masters of the creative digital field for over 10 years now, Spezify officially went online on 15 June after the beta version was released late April this year. They are working on adding more advanced search experience.

This is a JUICE approve. Go try it!

Head over to www.spezify.com to find out more.