Spacebar Returns

Remember Spacebar? Yes, the rockin’ collective which started way back in 1997 are back, this time as one man band as the genius of Irman returns to the decks. He paged JUICE on MSN last night and we went straight into his new remixes on pronto. VJ Spacebar will also be rocking it out at Hennessy Artistry next week at Upstairs @ The Loft and we can’t wait!

We managed to speak with the man himself this morning and found out why Spacebar are making a long awaited return. “I got a more powerful laptop,” was Irman’s pragmatic answer. Funny. He also told us he took a break because he couldn’t find the software he needed. Hmm….

To listen to the new stuff he’s been working on, go to Spacebar’s MySpace page and check out the new They Will Kill Us All’s ‘Secret Episode’, Monoloque of Butterfingers’ ‘Jika Aku Seorang Robot’ and Singapore’s Imran Ajmain on ‘Selamat Ulang Tahun Sayang’. They’ve all been given a brilliant minimal + electronica + dub rerub. Makes us wanna go grind a pole or pillar, even.

So what’s with the VJ moniker? Irman has given himself the VJ Spacebar name as he’s been doing a lot of visual work especially with Hennessy Artistry. As with Spacebar, Irman is working towards a big return with even more partners in crime to come onboard. Meanwhile the man is busy working with Arabyrd, Joe Flizzow and is throwing some of that Spacebar vibe all over The Rebel Scum’s ‘Bakdatang.’  “I’m not limiting myself. I’ll do everything that is fun and dancable by not keeping to my genres,” Irman tells us. Welcome back Spacebar!

Spacebar will be performing at the next installment of Hennessy Artistry on 24 April on a Thursday. Head over to to score your exclusive invites.