SoundLab Retrospective 01

Here it is, the results of Detour Asia’s SoundLab initiative at jungle resort The Dusun – a film documenting the creative processes amongst the 15 international musicians during the residency, and a CD release of the music output produced during that time. At the launch-cum-retrospective, Najwa Mahiaddin and The Bassment Syndicate’s Fook – both of whom participated in the project – will be performing, as well as Detour Asia’s own CEE and Reesh 9000. Aside from that, following up his impressive performance at the recent NB4T x Phyla showcase, JUICE’s personal favourite up-and-coming electronic act, Santaroena, will be playing a live set. But of course, with all his Berlin connection, CEE wasn’t going to have this retrospective without at least one act from his native country; ‘rainbowbass’ DJ and Through My Speakers founder Sarah Farina – a jokey term she uses to describe her genre-unspecific style – will be spinning as well.

Watch the trailer for the documentary below:

More info here.