LISTEN: We’ve Got Exclusive Additional Tracks from SoundLab 2016

Image Lisanne Schulze

Encompassing musicians from Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany, music residency SoundLab debuted at The Dusun resort just last year, which resulted in a stellar compilation involving all participants. They were kind enough to supply us with additional materials before, and now a year into it, they’ve yet again passed us a whole EP’s worth of extra tracks. Containing new music by Vietnamese experimental musician Nguyen Hong Giang, Pinoy rapper Den Sy Ty, Manila’s multi-genre electronic act similarobjects, Thai IDM maestro Space360, Germany’s genre-(and gender-)subverting Born in Flamez, Burmese sound artist Darko C, and finally, our very own Darren Ashley, this set begins with a Quasimoto-meets-noise number in ‘PhishNoise’, then juggles between the Krush-esque hip hop beat of ‘Emas House Rain Offering’ and the haunting vocals and beauty of nature on ‘Above Seremban’, all culminating in Nguyen Hong Giang’s epic two-parter ‘Dusun’ — a 13-minute-long aural encapsulation of its namesake.

Stream the tracks below:

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