Sound Love Affair Week #07 Pres. HVOB x SLA Trialog Album Release Tour

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source: HVOB

We don’t really hear much of Vienna as a hub of musical exports but natives Anna Mueller and Paul Wallner make up for their electronic scene’s most buzzed about duo; HVOB, or Her Voice Over Boys. With five EPs, a full-length, and a darker second album entitled Trialog to be released next month, a record that continues their insistence on letting the abstraction that’s inflected in their output to be the focus of attention. Anna’s enchanting vocals coupled with the deep, minimalist beats have been injected with yet another conceptual framework by way of visual art by artists lichterloh and Clemens Wolf. Supported by Detour Asia and The Dusun, visuals of that night will be courtesy of IMMJN.

Date Friday 27 March ’15
Time 10pm
Venue Pisco Bar

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