Soul Clap: EFUNK

Made up of two humans that travels on a spaceship of dopeness (hey, that’s what they say) – Elyte and Cnyce were destined for great things. EFUNK happens to be Clap’s first full length album and we’ve gotta say, all that hard work spent in Miami to create and produce this 13 track album was well worth it. What you can expect from this album? A good balance of past and future beats – think jazzy vocals with electro beats. It is something you’d listen to at a bar like Backyard (KL peeps would know this hangout well) or pubs. It isn’t your regular electro club mix which obviously means you can’t grind along to it (unless you have some mad skills to grind to jazz – go for it!). It’s more chilled, not too much bass or holds any potential headaches.

We guarantee you that bit anyway. If you do try this album out and have a headache, you’re probably, maybe, a little old. But hey, first for everything! The second track of the album ‘Take It Slow (feat. Franceska)’ has a unique beat to it – something we haven’t heard in a long time – reminded us of a tune you’d hear in the late 80’s and 90’s (think TLC). ‘Clapping Song’ had some pretty funky/groovy guitar to it and if you’re one for vocals, we recommend ‘Ecstacy’ (feat. Mel Blatt – she was the vocalist for the girl group, All Saints).

A bit about the duo – Elyte and Cnyce started their voyage on their spaceship of dopeness from Boston, USA and have trained themselves past what books taught them and mastered the key elements of the DJ: knowledge, mixing, programming, performance and experience. They have been known to put themselves under ‘house arrest’ until they’ve executed each track they’ve been working on from its flaws. Besides doing this, they also enjoy sharing their knowledge through teaching college courses (dance music) and workshops on music production.

They emphasize heavily on remembering forgotten classics using their dope DJ sets – which probably explains why most of the songs from this album makes us feel like we’re back in the ‘80s and ‘90s (not that we’re old..). All in all, the album’s a breath of fresh air. Soul Clap has shown us their love for classics in a present-day sounding album.

LISTEN TO: ‘Take It Slow’, ‘Ecstacy’, ‘Walk With A Clap’
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1. Efunk Intro
2. Take It Slow Feat. Franceska
3. The Alezby Inn Feat. The Geneven Heathen
4. Let It Go Feat. Roldy Cezarie
5. When The Soul Claps Feat. Lazarus Man
6. Lets Groove On Feat. Jules Born
7. Ecstacy Feat. Mel Blatt
8. Clapping Song
9. Trouble Trouble Trouble
10. Walk With A Clap
11. Need Your Lovin Feat. Mel Blatt
12. Islands In Space Part 1
13. Islands In Space Part 2 Feat. Greg Paulus