sony ericsson to unveil psp phone?

You gotta love the people at Extensive industry snooping has revealed Sony Ericsson is thinking of releasing a Playstation Portable-based gaming phone to fill the huge gaping void created by Nokia’s infamous N-Gage. However, Sony Ericsson Senior VP of Product and Application Planning, Rikko Sakaguchi would only state during a press conference in Sweden that Sony Ericsson “is working on something,” but that “the surprise must be kept for the future.” With details as vague as that, there’s no telling when the phone will come out, but if Sony Ericsson’s synergy track record is anything to go by – outfitting their phones with Sony bestselling brands like Cybershot digicams and Walkman digital audio players – this is one battery-eater to look out for.

(Oh, and just so we’ll avoid a lawsuit, the picture above is just a bored graphic designer’s idea of what the PSP phone might look like. Peace.)