Sonic Youth: The Eternal (Matador)


For the past 28 years or so, Sonic Youth has been screeching out the jams with their self-definitive brand of art rock. In recent years, the band has somewhat toned down on their sonic outings to give way for more subtle compositions. But much to the joy of JUICE, The Eternal sees the noise misfits returning to their, uh… noisy roots.


It’s almost as if this album was made back in the 80s when Sonic Youth lived up to their name. The production values may be clean but as the album opens with the gender-f*ck ‘Sacred Trickster’ and spills over into the slow-balls-boiling ‘Anti-Orgasm’, which has Kim Gordon crooning “anti-war is anti-orgasm”, it’s evident that technology has only served to up the ante on Sonic Youth’s angst, despite them being over 40.

Find out what all the fuss is about. Watch ‘Sacred Trickster’ in the vid below.