Sona One’s ‘Growing Up Sucks’ Album Launch


In less than five days, SonaOne’s debut album Growing Up Sucks will be available for all to hear. His career has shaped nicely over the last couple of years; his single ‘No More’ won Best English Song and Song of the Year at the AIM21 in 2014 —the latter award has never been given to an English or hip hop song prior to this, making it a historical event for the Malaysian music industry and the young artiste. He’s also gained over a million views on YouTube for his song ‘Hakeleh’ — all done without an album under his belt. The Kartel team will be premiering the album at Lust aka their second home as an exclusive first listen for his fans that have been waiting with bated breath for this album — don’t worry, it’s free entry for everyone. However, given Sona’s popularity, Lust will be packed tighter than a can of sardines, so get there early or cry from the outside. Let’s hope the wait for the 12-track album has been worth it.

Date Saturday 20 February ’16
Time 5.30pm
Venue Lust, KL

More information on the event here.