Sole What? Sungei Wang

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Sole What?
Lot S-098, 2nd Floor,
Sungei Wang Plaza,
Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur
T: 03 2144 5811

Taking your soles into another dimension.
Sole What? was created because they saw the stagnant progression in the streetwear scene. First opened in The Gardens, the store’s main principal was to bring in the unattainable locally. They cut the unnecessary process of bidding or waiting, making your life simpler to rock out your fave sneaks. Sole What? is the bridge between you and the gear of your choice. This streetwear store has definitely created a newfound awareness for sneakers, streetwear, accessories and the whole lifestyle.

Sole What? is closely linked to music as well. No surprise, as we all know fashion and music goes hand in hand. The store recently organised Soles for Love, where canned food was gathered for charity and donors get 20% on any items in Sole What? Sweet! The store took off so well that they’ve opened up another new store in Sungei Wang just recently.

What? The store that bridges products and cool people who want cool gear.

Why the new store? Catering also to people who hang out in the Golden Triangle, hence the decision to open the satellite store in Sungei Wang - the mall of all things wicked. Spread your wings!

Size Smaller than the Gardens outlet, but decked out with sufficient variety to get what you want.

Threads Staple, Quolomo and Kickstyo, with plans to expand again at a later time

Treads Nike, Adidas, Onitsuka Tiger, Puma, Reebok and everything else you can think of. They are most likely to have what you need.

Vibe Shoes, shoes and more shoes! Total candy store for sneaker freakers, with dim lights creating that easy feeling while you shop. Basic black interior in the store provides a non-intimidating environment for anyone who steps in – exactly like the Sole What? in The Gardens, only smaller. Best of all, the peeps attending to you are super-friendly.

Good You don’t need to travel abroad to get these kicks or pay exorbitant prices on eBay.

Bad Overspending, cos the all kicks here are dope!

Parking Sungei Wang or BB Plaza. Sungei Wang’s a maze to the uninitiated, so be advised not to park anywhere too far. Lot 10’s also an option.

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