Soft Launch @ The Opera

There’s something to be said about clubs like Zouk and why its been in our good books for a long. The answer is simple: Its all about location, location, location. Going through highways and sitting through traffic and long toll queues you come to realize that no matter how good a club sounds, if its in the Sunway vicinity and you’re not a resident anywhere near the area then its suicide to try and enter Sunway. To The Opera’s favour they have been keeping us on our tippy toes for the longest time and we were excited to see how this La Scala type clubbing experience would pan out. The way it was going – we were literally not going anywhere. For The Opera right at that moment, traffic WAS the mother of all f**kups, not assumptions. By the time we reached the ever so packed entrance (queue la, mofos) we were properly stressed out. Until we saw…

It was only The Opera’s soft launch. the emcee kept reminding guests that “The Opera is only 80% done.” and the fresh smell of cement still lingered the club but at least they had some humour about it. The decor that was done though, looked promising with high roman pillars, red velvet drapes, a really high ceiling and a lot of attention to detail. Only downside of the interior is that like Maison, being upstairs will make you feel like you’re cut off from the main brou-ha-ha happening downstairs. Some might like that privacy but for a place that boasts its specialty to have acrobatic shows during club nights, it sounds like it would be a very big problem. In fact, it was so hard to see over the balcony that JUICE missed the acrobatic show altogether and was left with just hearing their very CNY-esque routine music that really didn’t suit a place called The Opera.

Ultimately with the right crowd and the right people who appreciate its creative direction would give The Opera the distance to last a while. It was just very unfortunate that the word “free flow” sparked its guests of the night to lose their ability to queue for drinks at the bar and as a result the effect was highly claustrophobic and plain ruuuuuude.

Kudos to the rooftop The Observatory and The Long Lounge  downstairs, both spots are very nice. Will be excited to see how the unfinished 20% will do for the main room. It ain’t over til the fat lady sings.

The Opera had their soft launch on 23 December 2009. The Opera is located at Sunway Pyramid No.3 Jalan PJ 11/15 Bandar Sunway. Click for more.