Soaring High with Grimbergen

A special for our beer-fan readers- introducing Grimbergen. Founded and brewed in Grimbergen Abbey, Belgium by the Fathers of Grimbergen (we know.. a lot of Grimbergen – we’re trying to get it stuck in your head. Is it working yet?), this beer can be traced back to 1128! Yeap, that’s how long it’s been around folks. And yes, that would mean this beer was part of the medieval times. We hereby crown it, the medieval beer. We’re pleased to say this beer is now available to shrewd drinkers in Malaysia! That’s right. You can taste this medieval beer for yourself!

Grimbergen has a large range of beers; blonde, brown and white recipes from 6 to 6.7% alcohol content – not too light or too heavy. We approve! What’s available for us? Grimbergen Blonde and Grimbergen Double (bottle) ans Grimbergen Blanche (White – draught and bottle). Where will they be available? High-end trendy bars and club outlets through out Peninsular Malaysia.

Hurry and try one for yourself and tell us what you think of it! For more info, go here.