Snoop Lion: Reincarnation

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Since 1993 when he first released his debut album, the world knew him as Snoop Dogg but after a sacred trip to the mountains of Jamaica he is no longer a canine; he’s a lion now. A Rastafarian lion that’ll be releasing an album without any of his infamous topics that range from gangsta to pimpin’ issues that he used to cover. It’s all about Rastafari, reggae and the herb. Snoop said that it’s not that he wants to be Snoop Dogg on a reggae track but he wants to bury Snoop Dogg and become Snoop Lion and make songs that his kids and grandparents can listen to (IBTimes). It looks like he’s seriously bringing his long time claim of being Bob Marley reincarnated to his music now.

This talented artist ushered in a new movement for rap not just for the West Coast but hip hop in general and has always been the boss of the game ever since but now he’s saying that, with no disrespect , he’s tired of rapping (VICE). Maybe it’s because he’s been through so much in life that he wants to find inner peace… or maybe it’s just a marketing gimmick like how Beyoncé was Sasha Fierce for just an album (yes, we just compared him to Beyoncé). Either way, he used to be a Crips gang member, was thrown in jail after high school, and has faced multiple gun and drug charges in his life. He’s 40 now and with numerous hip hop hits and anthems so maybe he’s just looking for a new direction in life.

We wouldn’t call it a midlife crisis. Snoop claimed he didn’t just want to go to Jamaica to make a record, Rastafari found him.

In conjunction with his album that he’s currently working on with Diplo, Vice in association with Snoopadelic Films will release a documentary of the artist’s transformation to Snoop Lion at the Toronto International Film Festival on 7 September. The trailer which is out on Vice’s YouTube channel shows Rastafarian priests getting high, Snoop getting high with them and talking about his ‘reincarnation’, as well as Snoop in the studio. We’re actually really excited about the documentary and his album. If you still can’t sink this in, you really have to watch the trailer and decipher it yourself. If you want to listen to his new material, check out his new single ‘La La La’ but we think that the track playing in the trailer is way better.

Bless up!


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