Snoop Dogg: Malice N Wonderland (Priority)

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We’re big Snoop fans, but when we saw Soulja Boy featured on the album, we went “Oh lawd” immediately. This album sounds like any other rap album out there. And what is up with rappers covering cheesy oldies? Snoop decided to bring back The Romantics’ ‘Talking In Your Sleep’ into the track ‘Secrets’ and it was an instant cringe. This is Snoop D-oh-double-gee’s 10th album and this is what he comes out with? Even the leading single ‘Gangsta Luv’ sounds so sugary and instead of getting fellow rap mates, he infused R&B singers instead. Besides Malice N Wonderland being a bad title, the Snoop Dogg vibe is missing on this record. Disappointing la.

Listen to: ‘Special’
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Rating: 3

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