Snap & Win With Digi

Do you constantly wake up everyday staring at your wardrobe thinking “If i wear this would The Sartorialist shoot me?”. You probably also have an account with Lookbook and you absolutely love the idea that people are secretly jealous that you are so stylish. Well, let JUICE and Digi be the judge of that.

JUICE and Digi wants to see what you’re wearing. Take a camera snapshot of your best outfit and MMS it to 016 900 0405 and if our qualified panel of judges give your MMS the thumbs up you could be featured in our next JUICE issue  If you’re really really lookin hot then give yourself a pat on the back because you could also snag some Converse vouchers. So come on, show us what you got. As working in JUICE is like being in a music video set. Dress to impress, please.

Remember, snap you or your stylish friends, MMS it to 016 900 0405 and win great prizes!