Smashing Weekend 2016

Would you believe that Pestle & Mortar is celebrating its sixth year anniversary in a couple of weeks? The brand is going from 0 to ancient real quick but like wine, it gets better with age (cue “Awww”). This year, PMC has roped in PHVZE (aka Airliftz), Reddi Rocket, H3, and Prince 85 (The Weeknd’s tour DJ if you’re wondering) to be in charge of playing music and getting guests to turnt up — no pressure, guys, there are only 400 guests to satisfy. Everyone that is above 18 years of age is invited to be part of the craziness. Send in your RSVPs here — each person is allowed to book a maximum of two tickets — it’s completely free. However, if you show up to the party without any PMC gear, you’ll have to pay the door charge of RM50. Head over to their online store to prevent yourself from paying the fine.

More information on the event here