SLU Pres. The What’s Underneath Project: Petra Collins

Petra Collins

Young Canadian photographer Petra Collins isn’t a household name, but depending on what you read or follow on the internet, especially if it revolves around a particular brand of feminism espoused by a group of teen girls — primarily from the States — then you might be familiar with Petra, if not only for her photography as she frequently contributes to Rookie  the online magazine/ community of said advocacy of teen feminism. A more salacious bit of information about Petra is that she designed a line of tees for American Apparel two years ago, but with one stand out piece that had a watercolour depiction of a woman masturbating her menstruating, unwaxed vagina. So, yes, we don’t need to repeat the inevitable controversy it, or she rather, had generated.

Petra is the latest subject for the newest episode of The What’s Underneath Project by mother-daughter team of StyleLikeU. The What’s Underneath Project was conceived as a means for revealing that “style isn’t the clothes you wear… but how comfortable you are with your skin.” According to the direction of the series, Petra tells her unique experience as a young woman while she slowly strips away an article of clothing. Though admittedly not as affecting as the other stories by the other individuals in the project, but it is still a gendered experience nonetheless.

Watch it below:

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