Skyy Infusions Launch @ TwentyOne

Skyy Infusions was launched at TwentyOne on Changkat Bukit Bintang recently. While even Sex and the City uses Skyy Infusions as the official sponsor and promotional partner film in the States, it wasn’t just girlies in skyscraper heels and frills drinking fruity drinks tonight. An attractive proposition for women and men who like high flavoured drinks and high-end wine drinkers, Skyy’s the limit, baby! 

“The vodka is is infused with natural fruits, so it integrates well in cocktails,” explained Albert Wines commercial manager Jonathan Cheah of the new Skyy Infusions. There are three new infusions and each are infused with natural citrus, raspberry and passion fruit fruits respectively.

Invited guests got the chance to try out signature cocktails like the Citrus Cooler, Citrus Drop, Passion Fruit Maracujá Mélange, Campari Passion and Lampone Fizzante. Tasty!

The natural infusion promises to create a wonderful natural fruity taste to stimulate your palate. It was a very fresh vodka experience, we must say, and nothing to shy away from!

Skyy Infusions Launch was held at TwentyOne Kitchen and Bar on Wednesday 7 October. Sip on more Skyy Infusions over at and check out photos from the event in our Gallery.