Skunk Anansie Is Back Because Of You

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5 million album sales, one of the most forthright, iconic, and confrontational female lead singers in modern musical history, a 6-year back catalogue to make you quiver, Skunk Anansie are back! They return with their epic new single ‘Because Of You’, out September 14, from their forthcoming Greatest Hits record, Smashes and Trashes out November 2.

Following an 8-year hiatus, Skunk Anansie are re-born, revitalised and as confrontational as ever, fully armed with highly charged, brand new tracks, a blistering greatest hits record and a 21-date sold out European tour.

Written and produced by Skunk Anansie – Skin (lead vocals), Cass (bass), Ace (Guitar) and Mark Richardson (Drums) – ‘Because Of You’ is bursting with visceral energy. Kicking off with a sinister, nape prickling guitar riff, Skin’s intense vocal, which have never sounded better, climbs on top. The track then hits you with a powerful wall of sound, showcasing the band’s raw power and guile.

“No one’s really sounded like us since we’ve been away,” says Skin. “I think that people are ready for a bit of in-yer-face tuneful rock music again. I see us in competition with every band that’s out there and I think we’re better than we were before. If we didn’t feel like that, it would be sad and pathetic.”

The Greatest Hits record Smashes and Trashes is a 15-track career-embracing album. It features classic moments from their first two Top Ten albums Paranoid & Sunburnt, Stoosh and their 1999 album Post Orgasmic Chill. From the rejoiceful ‘Weak’ to the anthemic ‘Hedonism (Just Because You Feel Good)’ it’s a timeless record brimming with hits, which is translated into the here and now in the form of their three brand new tracks; ‘Because Of You’, ‘Tear The Place Up’ and ‘Squander’.

In support of their Greatest Hits record, Skunk Anansie play a 21-date sold out European tour, which kicks off in Brussels (October 9) and is brought to a close with a special show at Brixton Academy in London(November 26).

Skunk Anansie’s new single ‘Because Of You’ is released September 14 On One Little Indian. Their Greatest Hits record Smashes and Trashes is out November 2. More at