Ski in M’sia? ESCAPE Cameron Highlands is a Nature-Based European-Themed Park With Ski Slopes

(source: The Star)

Malaysia will be getting another theme park soon and it’ll be located in the lush and cool vibes of Cameron Highlands.

The third ESCAPE edition, following ESCAPE Penang and ESCAPE Challenge in Petaling Jaya, ESCAPE Cameron Highlands is an upcoming nature-centric adventure park that will be built on the natural hilly landscape of the popular holiday spot in Pahang.

Designed and built by Sim Leisure Group, who assured that the park will preserve the natural habitat of Cameron Highlands, construction of the venue will adopt a low-impact development approach, setting the trend for sustainable theme park development.

(source: The Star)

“Escape Cameron Highlands will adopt our signature minimalist approach to construction, minimal disturbance to nature, lots of tree planting, minimal use of energy, rainwater harvesting, and lots of recycling initiatives,” said Sim Leisure Group founder and chief executive officer Sim Choo Kheng.

The upcoming theme park, Sim said, will be a “zero-energy facility”.

“We will rely 100% on renewable energy which will come mainly from our photovoltaic facility, some from wind turbines and mini-hydropower,” he explained.

The first phase of the theme park, spanning across a 60-acre (24.28ha) valley at an elevation of 220m, is scheduled to open in the first half of 2023.

Upon completion, the European-themed park will be the first of its kind in the region to offer an outdoor ski attraction within an equatorial climate. The outdoor ski facility will feature a ski lift elevating visitors to the top and a 1.2km dry ski track, which will take skiers through scenic routes, including local themed villages.

Thanks to the temperate climate there, visitors will get to experience 5 different European villages at varying elevations – starting with the Iberian village at the bottom, followed by the British, Balkan and Nordic villages moving up, before finally peaking at the Alpine village at the top.

Thrill-seekers will get to experience 20 games during Phase 1. Subsequently, Phase 2 and 3 will introduce more new attractions along the way. While the pricing is unconfirmed, patrons can expect similar pricing to ESCAPE Penang (ranging between RM80-RM160).

The park is scheduled to open in the first half of 2023.