WATCH: Multitalented Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza Delivers Weather Forecast On RTM For The First Time

Stock image via Dreamstime

The constant rainy weather has set gloomy days upon most Malaysian states, but for a mere minute yesterday, netizens got to witness a pretty wholesome and slightly boast-worthy moment when beloved artist Siti Nurhaliza made a guest appearance on RTM to deliver the weather forecast.

MetMalaysia announced on advance via Twitter, noting that viewers could catch the star reading the report at 5 p.m. and 8 p.m.

Netizens could hardly believe their eyes, and many even claimed to have set reminders as to not miss the rare instance. If you missed it, though, fret not- RTM uploaded the clip onto their TikTok profile to be seen in all its glory.
@radiotelevisyenmalaysia Ni betul-betul @Siti Nurhaliza gais, bukan cobaannn 🤩🤩 #BeritaRTM #YangSahihDiRTM ♬ original sound – RTM Malaysia Official

Viewers noted that the forecast, which predicted rainy weather for most of the states was read eloquently by the singer as she suggested that residents of the east coast put their personal items and important documentation in a bag that they could easily carry with them in case of emergencies.

She also advised them to evacuate immediately and find temporary refuge, as instructed by local authorities.

source: Twitter

“What can be more valuable than your life? Belongings can be restored, but you only have one life,” she quipped.

While the positive response from viewers was likely anticipated, some went as far as to say Siti Nurhaliza deserves a permanent spot at RTM, as her speech, delivery and charisma were enough to keep them hooked until the very last second.

Many also deemed her multitalented and a ‘Superwoman’ who possessed a vast skillset.

Kudos to RTM for finding a clever method to keep Malaysians in the loop!