Sister Suvi

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Known for their experimental sounds and sweaty, live, outdoor performances, it’s easy to mistake Sister Suvi for a bunch of hippies. And rightly so! The trio hails from a very artsy but little town of Montoronto, Canada. With no day job to tie them down and record label to stifle their creativity, Sister Suvi is in fact, a modern day hippie outfit.

The band consists of Merrill Garbus on the ukulele, fiddle and vocals, Patrick Gregoire on guitar and vocals, and Nico Dan on drums and percussion. Their latest album Now I Am Champion is their most experimental work to date. With a blend of hip hop, indie rock, free jazz and reggae, it has a fine balance of haunting melodies and groovy beats. Hit Itunes and download  ’10 000 rubies’, ‘Nothing’ and ‘Monsters’ on your iPod. As true starving artists, they’re flogging their digital download album whatever your asking price.

Download their album at or check them out at

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