stickering, singapore pt.1

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I was in Singapore recently, for DJ Shadow’s gig at Zouk (for which I must thank Lianna at Zouk KL, Wayne at JUICE Singapore, the kind peeps at Zouk SG and Singapore Tourism) and snapped this at the tail end of Jiak Kim Street. Like graff, I love stickering and wheat pasting, probably ’cause I’m as artistic as a melon. The whole idea of claiming those unclaimed spaces, making someone take a closer look at somewhere or something they wouldn’t glance at or just kind of sly reference known only to that particular stickering community, all of that excites me more than plushies. The notion that while you’re cocooned in your comfort zone some kid is out there doing something he/she reckons defines their existence. Some folks reckon that’s just teen angst manifesting itself, to which I say, so what … it makes the world a little more interesting. Having said that so do serial killers. At any rate, the last few issues of JUICE have come with stickers, if you get my drift….

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