graff, singapore pt.1

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While some member of the JUICE crew may have their eyes sharpened to a point and aimed straight at spotting cool sneaks, streetwear, vintage rags or in some cases, the biggest botty in tight beige pants—you know who you are, perv—I’ve always got an eye out for graff. Vandalism to me is defacing a historic or stunning building or someone’s car without checking with them first, but there are some spaces that cry out for colour and expression. Which is why graff is just so brilliant. It’s not elitist, you don’t need to exhibit in a gallery, you don’t need expensive materials, you don’t need rich patrons to validate your work. Sometimes it’s cerebral, sometimes its visual, but it always sticks a smile on my face. I spotted this not far from The Gallery Hotel, one of my favourite places to crash when I’m in Singapore. It’s a robot by MCS. And yeah, I like robots too.