Silent Disco To Debut at Sunburst KL 09

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For those of you still new to the phenomenon, Silent Disco will be quietly shuffling the feet of concert-goers at the upcoming Sunburst KL music festival. The concept for Silent Disco is quite simple yet strange especially if you’re an outsider that’s just walked into a venue full of people dancing to no music.

The original idea has been around since eco-activists found that the easiest way to get large numbers of people into certain areas, such as a forest that was being logged, was to put on a party. However, a party would mean loud music which would be bad for all the little fuzzy creatures of the forest (read: noise pollution). Hence, Silent Disco was born and wireless headphones were passed out to the protesters.

Trust us, it’s easy to get into once you’ve overcome the weirdness. And its benefits range from all-night parties without worrying about the noise level to tuning into multiple DJs playing different sets at the same time – variety made easy! Silent Disco has been popular with festivals around the world and even sprouted an off-shoot called Silent Gig with bands playing instead of DJs.

Now, thanks to 42 Below vodka, Silent Disco has arrived in Malaysia since last December and continues to start quiet riots all over town. See ya at Sunburst, we’ll be the ones with our headphones a-thumping, screaming “We can’t hear you!”… J

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